Unlocking market
access for strong

Enabling market entry for game-changing products and technologies.

Building better businesses, for the people, for the planet.

We are your market
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We level the playing field by connecting innovation owners and strategic market access partners to unlock the potential of indirect channels around four pillars.


Delivering high impact products and technologies into new markets for the people and for the planet.


Enabling businesses to build value chains and relationships aligned around core sustainability goals.


Building relationships around a
transparent due diligence on partners, product/technology.


Providing access to a global and
reliable ecosystem, to intuitively make valuable B2B connections.

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Quicker than traditional market approaches

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Accessful creates a cost-effective channel for reliable value chain engagement to leverage indirect channels, to de-risk and deliver successful first market entry and/or growth market expansion of game changing new technologies.








The problem: .

Up to 90% of innovation fail to succeed in the market and deliver impact at scale. We have identified the main three factors inhibiting innovation market sucess.

Capability Failure

Describes the scenario when companies experience the lack of crucial commercial capabilities to successfully [...]

Information Asymmetry​

Describes the scenario when one party to a commercial transaction possesses greater material knowledge than [...]

Network Failure

Describes the scenario when networks are fragmented and communications & cooperation within networks [...]

Our designthinking approach

We help the best products and technologies reaching the right markets and the right market to reach the best innovation. 

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We level the playing field by connecting high impact innovation to the right markets. With sustainability at its core, our consultancy firm opens the door to building better business – for people and planet.

De-risking market entry for strong innovation. Building Better businesses, for the people, for the planet.

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