She is alone gonna the latest Joker’s aftermath and funeral service, let alone weeping

Harley afterwards appeared in an anxiety-caused hallucination because of Batman in an attempt to stop the Joker once and for all. Harley in addition to is actually alluded so you’re able to in another the main exact same illusion, where a paper article reported that no one had cared you to definitely the fresh new Joker is actually deceased, and you may showed that she hadn’t only hitched the latest Riddler, but was also pregnant a child too.

After the Knightfall Protocol

Embarrassed, heartbroken, outdone, ashamed, and you can emotionally broken, Harley is sooner taken to the GCPD Lockup after Scarecrow’s beat, in which she would end up being locked up with the rest of Gotham’s bad guys.

Re-induction with the Committing suicide Group

An enthusiastic untold level of age after, Harley do once more end up being artificially enrolled from the Amanda Waller for the their Activity Push X program, alongside Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and you can Queen Shark on the a purpose when you look at the City in the event it emerged below invasion because of the a keen alien risk, and you may try shocked to learn Waller’s assigned alpha target is actually you to they’d completely had not questioned: Superman.


Harley was academically brilliant and achieved an effective need for criminology given that her dad is actually a violent. Since a psychiatrist, Harley was responsible, extremely compassionate, and you can highly empathized together with her customers, such as for instance making an email into the Schedule Mans cell saying: “Delighted Holidays, Julian! – Head office.” Despite her educational cleverness, Harley got distorted morals and you may lacked many common experience as the she didn’t observe unsafe and you can risky the fresh Joker try. Within her instructions towards the Joker, Harley as well as did not discover feel and you can overestimated her performance since he had been most tricky, hence suggested which he can potentially influence her feeling sympathy and you will love to have him. Instance, Harley did not know that she had been manipulated to feel love having Joker during this lady interviews training as she was much quicker proficient in investigations some other Arkham Psychiatrists. Therefore, she inevitably began to end up being fixated having him and you can underwent an excellent extreme transform.

Just after Harley recognized you to she was in love on Joker, she displayed tall signs and symptoms of regression (as the detailed because of the Dr. Young) such as for instance a high slope in her own voice, to-be smaller cocky and you can appearing quicker practical – perhaps to try to appeal to him. On a daily basis, Harley is smiling and you can hopeful, but also sadistic and maniacal and this she have discovered regarding the latest Joker. In lieu of him, however, Harley will did not reserve herself into the combat and speech hence she acknowledge to help you Penguin whenever she saved Poison Ivy from the cops channel from inside the Bludhaven. This usually triggered secret advice being stated that has been beneficial so you can Batman otherwise triggered the woman fighting him, in order to feel easily beaten. These types of behavior is actually often visible inside the Arkham Asylum Incident. She and additionally presented androphobia due to the fact she used to insult and you can mock multiple males but the latest Joker.

From the Arkham Area Incident, the stress from the Joker’s poor health appeared to features altered Harley’s identification, particularly showing a smaller tempter, displaying a lack of common sense, getting more high pressure and a lot more angry when you find yourself looking to follow the Joker’s requests and staying in charges out of his henchmen. Immediately following the fresh Joker’s death (for the Harley Quinn’s Revenge), Harley turned into much more high-pressure and you can risky because she wasn’t able to be prepared for the lady losings. Even though the still the girl usual worry about, Harley are dreaded among the lady henchmen as one actually told an enthusiastic friend not to ‘piss the girl off’. Harley actually believed a beneficial henchman was hitting on her behalf, and you may screamed about how precisely he might not compare to her “Mr. J”, even if he had been simply getting sympathetic to the lady. As well as, Harley’s voice all the more turned into angrier, maniacal and higher pitched and you can she is somewhat self-destructive, and that shown the ultimate worry she went through adopting the Joker’s passing.

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