A Symmetrical Value Proposition

Accessful is able to serve both sides of the value chain with just one design thinking approach: 

Sell Side

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and spin outs that own game-changing products and technologies.

Buy Side

Distributors, Wholesalers, System Integrators, Contract Manufacturers, IP license, Strategic Partners, Customers.


Our service is carefully designed to offer a symmetrical value proposition for both sides of the value chain, the Sell side and the Buy side. Details below in FAQS section.


  • One to One Session
  • Brand Awereness
  • Prospect Screening
  • Market Validation
  • Due Diligence
  • Connection to Prospects
  • Post Engagement


Check FAQS section below
  • A 90minutes video Conference Call
  • Elaboration of Marketing Material
  • Identification of Business Opportunities
  • Market Traction and Collect Feedback
  • Data Drive Assesments on Opportunities
  • Direct Engagement with Opportunities
  • Advisory and Legal Services


  • Business Diagnostic Report
  • Digital Marketing Profile
  • Summary of Findings
  • Summary of Feedback
  • Business Meeting Acceptance
  • Email & Video Conference Call
  • Negotiation Support and Follow Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you might need to get started with Accessful

A 90 minutes video conference session with the aim of understanding client current situation, interests and challenges.

The aim is to elaborate a powerful marketing profile. The material is presented with focus on information quality and transparency as opossed to links out to superficial, non intuitive external web pages. The aim of this phase is to reduce uncertainty around the offering, therefore minimising information asymmetry.

Identify and evaluate business opportunities based on the client interests and vision. We will take advantadge of this phase to explore new uses cases for the product/technology (‘sell side’) and new market sectors (‘buy side’).

In this phase the client will receive feedback about their market offer: innovation (‘sell side’) or service (‘buy side’). 

Perform full Due Dilligence on detected busisiness opportunities around product/technology, company and sustainability.

Accessful will connect both sides of the value chain in order to prepare a video conference call and demo sessions if applicable. 

The Post Engagement Stage. All the negotiations will be handled directly between the client and the potential client/partner who introduced our company. If requested by the client, Accessful can provide extra services post-connection.

Accessful may offer additional services such as: Translation, private consultancy sessions, public funding opportunities, private investment, legal advisory. These services will be provided on an hourly base or montlhly retainer.

Click on Get Started in order to Book a Call wit us. We will explain you in details our pricing proposition.

  • Option 1: 100% payment at contract signture (10% discount applied)


  • Option 2: 50% on contract signature, 25% on completion of Prospect Screening Stage, 25% on completion after first Connection to Prospect is made.


  • Option 3: Any other option agreed with the client


Yes, there will be a service agreeement signed between Accessful and client.

We suggest English, but client has the option to choose even Spanish and Italian.

Accessful has an extensive network in the following industries: Aviation & Space, Agriculture, Energy,  Food & Beverage, Healthcare, ICT, Industrial.

Accessful has a significant market reach in LATAM, North America and Europe.


  • LATAM region: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Peru.


  • Europe: South-Western Europe and Northen Europe


  • In North America: United States of America and Canada.

Yes. During our validation call, we will collect all the required information to offer a first free market validation.

De-risking market entry for strong innovation. Building Better businesses, for the people, for the planet.

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