Age during the sexual maturity try 175 months

PANTSIREV (Pantsirevskaya)

That it reproduce was created during the 1947-61 at Pantsirev breeding condition farm regarding the Volga area because of the crossing Light Leghorns, Rhode Area Reds, Brand new Hampshires, Black Australorps and you may White Plymouth Stones. The point was to perform an indigenous variety of twin-mission particular with high eggs and you may chicken design.

In the first stage Leghorn hens was in fact mated to Rhode Isle and The new Hampshire cocks. An additional classification Rhode Island hens had been mated that have The newest Hampshire dicks. For the 1948 the latest crossbred hens had been mated to The new Hampshire, Rhode Isle otherwise Leghorn dicks. Immediately after 1951 the three-means crosses was in fact bred inter se having gang of hens and that had white or black plumage and you may dating Niche a high egg design.

When you look at the 1954 Black colored Australorp cocks was in fact mated into the black hens on the crossbred populace in addition to light hens have been mated having Light Plymouth Rocks. After that breeding work was directed to expanding rate of growth.

Pantsirev chickens used to be widely pass on in the Volga urban area. He or she is famous for their versatility to regional standards. When you look at the 1974 the fresh new stock designated 278 100 but of the 1980 it choose to go down seriously to 22 one hundred thousand. Lower twin-purpose development appeared as if the key reason for this drop off.

Pantsirev black hens useful for meats and eggs manufacturing provides a beneficial strong and you will greater muscles, red-and-white ear canal-lobes and an individual brush. Shanks is actually black colored-and-white. Dicks often have a few white feathers close seat and tail.

New alive lbs of the 8-week-old chickens is actually 0.91 kg; that of adult hens is actually dos.4 and of cocks step 3.dos kilogram. An average yearly development is 180 egg from 57 grams. Egg shell are solution-colored. Fertility of eggs is 95% and hatchability 85%. Survival rate of one’s younger was 86%.

The population off Pantsirev hens that have light plumage is for egg and you can animal meat design. They have a small lead that have a single comb and lightweight muscles. Ear-lobes are purple-and-light.

The fresh new live lbs out of 8-week-dated chickens is actually 0.93 kg; regarding adult hens 2.5 as well as dicks step three.0 kg. Decades during the intimate maturity are 170 months. The typical annual manufacturing are 190 eggs from 58 grams. Egg shell try white lotion. Virility away from egg is actually 95% and you will hatchability are 80%. Survival speed of more youthful is actually 95% and of adults 96%.

PERVOMAI (Pervomaiskaya)

So it breed was developed from the Pervomai condition ranch from the Ukraine (1935-41) at Pachelma county ranch in the Penza region (1942-63) out of an excellent three-reproduce get across.

Light Wyandotte cocks was mated having Rhode Island hens and a beneficial crossbred manhood is chose that was mated which have Yurlov hens. Three traces had been shaped by breeding the three-reproduce crosses inter se having fun with 50 % of-sib mating.

Throughout the The second world war the populace diminished to 48 hens and you will 6 dicks; the fresh nucleus stock incorporated only 10 hens and you may cuatro dicks. Inside 1947 this new Pervomai inhabitants increased to 180 plus 1948 so you’re able to 670 wild birds. Line alternatives ended up being discontinued because of the negative aftereffect of inbreeding for the stability, hatchability and you can eggs production. An element of the breeding tips became higher-level crossing of lines and you will infusion away from new blood of men off their facilities. The season 1956 marked brand new resumption of range selection, breeding people getting evaluated to your rate of growth of its young ones. Of the 1962 the people of your own Pervomai breed reached 56 100 lead.

Into the entire chronilogical age of breed creation, choice try carried out having large growth rate, large eggs production and you can very early readiness. Yearly creation of hens improved off 135 in order to 195 eggs, weigh 56-57 grams. Hatchability improved away from 66 to help you 78%. Egg production of champions achieved 256-270 eggs.

An element of the disadvantage regarding the reproduce is too reasonable a release and incapacity so you can compete with modern highly specialized eggs-chicken contours. As a result of this the people of Pervomai chickens began to lose sharply as well as in 1975-80 they designated simply 2100-2500 lead.

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