About Us


Enable market access for innovation. We consider essential to deliver high impact innovation to the market for better businesses, for people, for the planet. We help our clients to:

De-risk the Get to Market process for SME led innovation

Unlock the value proposition of indirect channels

To deliver more innovations to more markets


Building sustainable value chains


Become the cost-effective and reliable access partner for SMEs.


Create an ecosystem of high-impact and sustainable technologies.


Establishes a high value user base/ecosystem around innovation.

Who we are?

The inspiration behind Accessful, has evolved organically over a number of years working directly with innovative Intellectual Property (IP) and product owners building business cases, commercial strategies and securing financing. Throughout this period, the deviation between the pain points as perceived by industry, venture capital and government and the reality of working with SME founders and technical teams became clear. We believe the combined value of innovation to society, economy and research communities cannot be overstated. We are proposing an achievable and powerful methodology to unlock and accelerate the power of small and medium business innovation across global markets. Our creative approach helps to remove barriers to de risk market entry for unrivalled technologies and growth for SME led innovation.

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things”

An important reach

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”The value of a company is the sum of the problems you solve”

Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO 

Unlocking market access for
strong innovations

We level the playing field by connecting high impact innovation to the right markets. With sustainability at its core, our consultancy firm opens the door to building better business – for people and planet.

De-risking market entry for strong innovation. Building Better businesses, for the people, for the planet.

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